The Town of Humboldt receives it’s fire protection from the New Franken Fire Department. Rescue squad service by County Rescue, along  with a excellent local first responder unit. For emergencies call 911.

Town Meetings: monthly meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Community Center. All town residents are invited to attend.

Recycling Center

Town of Humboldt residents must display the RECYCLING STICKER to use the recycling center. Hours of operation are Wednesday from 4:00 to 8:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm except on holidays and snowstorms. The center does not accept shingles or other building or demolition materials. Please contract your own dumpster for those projects.



The Town’s recycling center will now only accept used tires from pickup trucks, cars or smaller. With this change there will also be a charge for these tires of $5/tire regardless of the size. Correct change is required!

Building Permits

Any person remodeling or erecting a building or structure of any kind must first obtain a building permit. Contact Norbert Dantinne Jr - Zoning Administrator at (920) 371-7040 for information on permits. Also, demolition permits are needed to have the structure removed from the tax roll.

Building Inspector

Brett Guilette
Phone: (920) 495-3232
Email: [email protected]

Fee Schedule

Permitting Process


Mud and manure must be scraped off the road immediately.  Stones and other debris must not be dumped in the ditches. Anyone found in violation of the order will be notified by the Town Board to remove the debris. If the owner fails to comply, they will be billed by the Town for all expenses incurred for the removal. Any damage  to ditches or mower due to debris or driving through them will be repaired be the Town and the cost  will be charged to the owner.


Please display your address on your mail box in large reflective numbers. This will allow emergency personnel to find your house much faster. “This could save a life”


All dogs must be licensed and confined to the owners property. Owners of dogs found harassing pedestrians or livestock, ect. will be fined. Dog license can be obtained from Jeanne Conard 6160 Humboldt Road Luxemburg, WI 54217. Owners must present proof that their dog is vaccinated against rabies before the dog can be licensed. Please include phone number for Brown County clerk office.

License Rates

Neutered Male-$3.50
Spayed Female-$3.50