Table of Contents
section 1 Code of Ordinances Ordinance
section 2 Storage Tank Permit Fee
section 3 Ordinance to Establish Street Numbers
section 4 Ordinance to Change Street Numbers
section 5 Waste Disposal & Recycling
section 6 Licensing of Sexually-Oriented Adult-Entertainment Establishments
section 7 General Ordinances Regulating Transportation, Disposal, Storage & Treatment of Solid Wastes & Nuisances

section 8 Dwelling Code Ordinance
section 9 Control of Dogs
section 10 Issuance of Citations
section 11 Agricultural Shoreline Management
Section 12 Zoning Ordinance - Revised 9-20-22
section 13 License & Permit Ordinance
section 14 Municipal Court
section 15 New Franken Fire Dept Operating Agreement
section 16 Road Use & Speed Control

section 17 Wind Energy Facility License Ordinance
section 18 Sexual Offender Residency Ordinance

section 19 Community Center Ordinance
section 20 Employee Grievance Procedure
section 21 Weapons fire Arms Dangerous Weapon Ordinance
section 22 Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes
section 23 Ordinance to Adopt Amended Comprehensive Plan Future Use Map

section 24 Fire Chief Authorization Ordinance
section 25 Telecommunication Facilities
section 26 Town Recreation Dept & Recreation Board
Section 27 ATV-UTV revised
section 28 Exemption from Bonding for Tax Collections
section 29 Subdivision ordinance
section 30 Establishing Fire Protection Charges
section 31 Driveway Requirements for Emergency Services
section 32 Town Road Right of Way Ordinance